RETREAT 2.0 Acoustic Pod

Product code: CCPOD2.0WSG25

RETREAT POD 2.0 is designed to fit up to five people, ideally for meeting, entertainment or relaxing. The meeting table with integrated charging ports are perfect for discussion and brainstorming.Choice of L-shaped sofa offers a casual yet private moments for folks.


Warranty: 5 YEARS

  • Air Purifying System with HEPA Filter
  • Laminated Glass and Grade 1 Handles
  • AH Meyer Power RJ45 Data Point and USB Charging
  • LED Strip Light
  • Ventilation Fan
  • Motion Sensor
  • Laminated Worktop
  • High Acoustic Rating: TUV - 32 dB / NIC Certified by TUV
  • VOC and Formaldehyde Free Rating: 0.005 MG/M3 Certified by SGS
  • HEIGHT 2180
  • WIDTH 2400
  • DEPTH 2400
*Size in millimetres.
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